6th Conference (2009)

Program [in Russian] Abstracts [in Russian]

Conference Dates: 26–28 November 2009.

Organizers: Institute for Linguistic Studies RAS, Saint Petersburg Linguistic Society.

Conference Venue: Institute for Linguistic Studies RAS (9 Tuchkov per., Saint Petersburg), Conference Hall (fourth floor).

The conference program includes two types of talks:

1) Keynote lectures from visiting professors — typologists and experts in grammar and semantics. Lecture time — 60 minutes.

Invited Speakers:

  • Martin Haspelmath (MPI EVA, Leipzig)
  • A. Malchukov (MPI EVA, Leipzig — ILS RAS, Saint Petersburg)
  • Bernard Comrie (MPI EVA, Leipzig)

2) Papers by young scholars (including PhD students and senior students). Approximate time-limit — 20 minutes + 10 minutes for discussion.

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