Proceedings of the 17th Conference on Typology
and Grammar for Young Scholars

(Handouts, Presentations, Videos, Links)


Christian Lehmann. Universals and types of body-part grammar (video) (presentation) (article)

Andrey Shluinsky. Intragenetic typology and serial verb constructions in Kwa as a case study (video) (presentation)



Christian Lehmann. An online multilingual linguistic terminology database (video) (site of the project)

Sergey Say, Dmitry Nikolaev. Launch of BivalTyp: Typological database of bivalent verbs and their encoding frames (video) (presentation) (site of the project)


Daria Arakelova. Czech demonstrative used as a personal pronoun: A quantitative research [in Russian]

Artem Badeev. Variability in the usage of demonstratives in Shughni [in Russian]

Maxim Bazhukov. Adprepositional forms of third-person pronouns with comparatives (based on RNC and GICR data) [in Russian]

Emanuele Bernardi. The contrast between functionalism and formalism overcome through Greenberg’s U20

Anton Buzanov. Intensifiers in the Bystra dialect of Even [in Russian]

Elizaveta Bunina. The ways of expression of unactual past in Russian of 15th–16th cc. [in Russian]

Anastasiia Cheveleva. Semantics and distribution of the idiom ot sily [in Russian]

Lyubov Chubarova. Semantics and distribution of construction kishmya kishet' [in Russian]

Kirill Chuprinko. Morphology of depictives and adverbials in Chuvash [in Russian]

Daria Ermakova. Forms of “extended” and “expanding” perfect in the New Aramaic varieties of Urmiya [in Russian]

Valeria Generalova. Yet another attempt at a syntax-driven typology of morphological causative constructions

Fedor Golosov. Semantics of the light verb pɨr ‘go’ in Poshkart Chuvash [in Russian]

Maria Golubeva. The syntax of lexical reciprocal drug druga in Russian [in Russian]​​​​​​​

Vasilisa Izvolskaia. A typology of imperative constructions in Kildin Saami [in Russian]

Evgeniia Khristoforova. The emergence of relative clauses in Russian Sign Language

Elena Klyachko. Placeholders in Tungusic languages [in Russian]

Evgenia Klyagina. Discontinuous past in Abaza: An encoded meaning or an implicature [in Russian]​​​​​​​

Martin Kohlberger. On the origins of two modal verbs in Shiwiar (Chicham, Ecuador)

Yana Kokoreva, Iakov Raskind. Several differences between nemnogo and neskol'ko [in Russian]

Alexey Kozlov. Prospective aspects and temporal adverbials: An attempt at a typology

Anna Kramskova. Egophoric evidentiality in modern written Tibetan [in Russian]​​​​​​​

Artemii Kuznetsov. Grammaticalization of constructions with ventive and andative verbs in Japanese [in Russian]

Elizaveta Lebedeva. Grammaticalization of the verb Daalnaa ‘throw’ in Hindi [in Russian]​​​​​​​

Natalia Logvinova. Nonverbal predicaton in the Urmi dialect of Neo Aramaic [in Russian]​​​​​​​

Ilya Makarchuk. Towards a typology of verbal measure: On the meaning of semelfactive and delimitative [in Russian]​​​​​​​

Stepan Mikhailov. Fantastic aspectual beasts and where they come from: The incompletive [in Russian]​​​​​​​

Nikita Muravyev. A diachronic outlook without diachronic data: Approaching the evolution of voice in Khanty [in Russian]​​​​​​​

Chiara Naccarato. The standard of comparison in the languages of Daghestan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Ivan Netkachev. Quantifier float is only possible with unaccusative predicates in Indonesian​​​​​​​

Ekaterina Novikova. Construction Tol'ko i X, chto Y in Russian [in Russian]

Vladislav Orlov. Marking of the conditional in two Siberian Seto dialects [in Russian]

Yulia Panchenko. Felicity conditions of positive and negative polar questions in Russian [in Russian]​​​​​​​

Alexander Piperski. Areality in the World Atlas of Language Structures [in Russian]​​​​​​​

Neige Rochant. How noun classes can fossilize into an inflection class system: The case of Baga Pukur (Atlantic) (pdf) (docx)​​​​​​​

Ekaterina Rudaleva, Mikhail Knyazev. The effect of givenness on the choice of complemention strategy in Russian: An experimental study [in Russian]

Alina Russkikh. Distribution of universal quantifiers in Poshkart Chuvash [in Russian]

Varvara Shuvalova. DOM in the Neo-Aramaic varieties of Urmiya [in Russian]

Aleksey Starchenko. Today is colder than yesterday’s: Comparison constructions with the attributive standard of comparison [in Russian]​​​​​​​

Roman Tarasov. Negative concord models of Slavonic and some other languages from a typological prospective

Daniel Tiskin. On a non-standard relativisation strategy in Russian [in Russian]​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Evgenii Vakhtin. Adjective derivatives of third person singular possessive pronouns in modern Russian (based on corpora) [in Russian]

Samira Verhees. Reported speech in Botlikh

Ekaterina Volodina. Semantics and distribution of quantity idioms in the 18–21st century Russian: vse do odnogo / vse do edinogo [in Russian]

Elizaveta Zabelina. Sentential complements of the verb ‘want’ in the Neo-Aramaic varieties of Urmiya [in Russian]

Sarah Zadykyan. Spatial cases in Botlikh (presentation) (handout) [in Russian]

Dmitrii Zelenskii. Passive allomorphy of Ancient Greek in Distributed morphology [in Russian]​​​​​​​